It's all well and good choice, but I'm what?

To help you determine the Surf model that best fits both your template and your level, we synthesized various possible directions.
Beware, this is a practical tool, but is not intended to substitute for advice from instructors or reseller, for they will be able to integrate the quality
or frequency of waves in your area to complete the parameters that determine your choice.

- Know that each such region this wave more or less hollow, more or less rapid. This directly affects the rocker style and the perfect board.
- A heavy gauge hard but play and can choose a surfboard shorter than casual surfer.
- A single plate may have different behavior depending on the type of abuse used.
- It is risky to choose the size of a surfboard according to the internal dimensions of the car ...

The table below gives you the range of use of each board according to your level and your weight.

Choisis ta planche

For a personal reply, send us your request by email stating the characteristics about you.